Our Team

Justin Kraft

J. Kraft Microscopy is the vision of Justin A. Kraft, a physicist, engineer, former educator, and businessman. Curious from an early age, he was first introduced to microscopy by a university professor who allowed him to learn about and operate a SEM.

Years later, when working as a science teacher in a private school in Florida, Justin remembered the thrill of hands-on learning and wanted to give his students that same experience. He was able to procure a used JEOL JSM-840, but first needed to dismantle it, then rebuild it in his upstairs classroom.

There began his passion for microscopy.

With his students, he taught the functions of every part in detail; built a glass-lens analog of the SEM column and simulated the electron beam as it scanned back and forth; explained signal generators, trigonometric functions, electronics, optics, and quantum mechanics; and discussed electron mass and charge.

Since his days as an educator, Justin has worked as an applications engineer for EDS manufacturers and an independent service technician, rebuilding and reconditioning older SEMs. In 2013, he founded J. Kraft Microscopy with the mission of providing the highest quality microscopy services and expertise to customers around the globe.

To contact him, call (716) 592-4402 or email jkraft@jkraftmicro.com