Scanning Electron Microscope Services

Achieve Maximum SEM Performance

Each day, you rely on your SEM to perform accurately and dependably. If it is down due to technical issues, then so are you. The specialists at J. Kraft Microscopy can help you get back up and running.

At J. Kraft Microscopy, we are a service company and pride ourselves on providing the best. We will work with you to develop an SEM service option that fits your precise needs and budget, whether it’s an emergency situation, minor repair, major refurbishing, or preventive maintenance. We will advise you of the costs and your options ahead of time, so there are no surprises along the way.

With a robust network of experienced and highly trained professionals, your SEM can be anywhere in the U.S., or around the globe, and you’ll still enjoy responsive and cost-effective services. We can service many models of SEMs on-site, as well as at our facility. We also offer a wide variety of used SEMs, prep equipment, and consumables.

Whether you need a microscope cleaning, a complicated repair, or help troubleshooting imaging issues, J. Kraft Microscopy is your source for achieving maximum SEM performance. Our experienced specialists can help keep your equipment and systems working at their peak and within your budget.

To request a quote for microscopy services, please complete our Service Request Log.