Preventive Maintenance Services

Protecting Your Investment

In a lab, production is key. If your microscope is down, you lose income. Regular maintenance, however, can significantly reduce downtime, helping you to avoid expensive repair costs and lost productivity in the process.

At J. Kraft Microscopy, our preventive maintenance program not only addresses major issues, but also keeps your microscope performing up to factory standards. Manufacturer factory service is based on a rigid set of guidelines about when to perform which service actions. Usually, this is based on “average” usage of the microscope. For some labs, however, the demands are much higher than average, requiring a different set of guidelines to keep your microscope imaging perfectly.

J. Kraft Microscopy can address those concerns by paying special attention to the components that are subject to the most wear, as well as potential points of failure – before they cause a shut-down. We also have the ability to go beyond the microscope to keep the entire system running smoothly, including chillers, EDS systems, cameras, and any other accessories you might have installed. And we aren’t limited to a single brand; all of your microscopes can be covered under the same J. Kraft Microscopy contract, reducing the extra expense and inconvenience of managing multiple ones.

A well-maintained microscope can perform for many years to come, maximizing your investment. A service contract can protect that investment. To learn more, contact J. Kraft Microscopy today.