Application Support & Development Services

Application Experts

At J. Kraft Microscopy, we want you to get the best results and the most benefit from your microscope. If you are experiencing issues or have questions related to your application – your images are blurry, the resolution needs improvement, or you’re not seeing elements on your EDS analysis – let us help. Through our application support and development services, we can enable you to achieve the most precise analysis across brands, from JEOL to Zeiss, Hitachi and FEI/Philips, and applications, whether it’s clinical, industrial or educational.

We understand that different applications make different demands on microscopes. Our process approach includes determining your exact requirements first and then using that information as the foundation for our solution. Regardless of your needs, our aim is to help you optimize your workflow and processes so you can work more efficiently.

If you’re ready to upgrade your equipment, our services can also ensure the right instrument is being used in the right application before you make a purchasing decision. We will also continue to assist you after installation to answer questions and ensure you are fully satisfied.

At J. Kraft Microscopy, our application expertise can help you achieve the best performance, increasing productivity in the process. Contact J. Kraft Microscopy today and we’ll be happy to assist you.